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Amy West – 32 years old

$1-5 mm net worth

Owns 2 properties
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WE has many wealth attributes that can help inform your
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Over 60 Sources

We normalize and process data from over 60 sources. We use data science to boil it all down so that it's accurate and simple.

Over 240 Million Profiles

Profiles on over 240 million individuals covering almost the entire U.S. adult population.

Propensity to Give

Our Propensity to Give (P2G) score provides unique insight into charitable giving behavior.

Market More Efficiently, Personalize Your Offer

Every day, millions of transactions happen that depend on someone's financial capacity to invest, donate or buy. Knowing a prospect's wealth enables you to sell and market more efficiently, all while personalizing your offer to your prospects.
Use Cases
  "giving": {
    "gift_capacity": {
      "min": 1,
      "text": "$30K-$40K",
      "max": 20,
      "text_low": "$30K",
      "value": 11,
      "text_high": "$40K"
    "p2g_score": {
      "text": "3|5 - Average",
      "value": "35"
  "identity": {
    "age": 43,
    "first_name": "JOE",
    "full_name": "SCHMOE JOE",
    "gender": {
      "text": "Male",
      "value": "M"
    "last_name": "SCHMOE",
    "marital_status": {
      "text": "Single",
      "value": "S"
  "location_summary": {
    "address_id_primary": 77157884,
    "address_index_primary": 0
  "locations": [
      "address": {
        "city": "Austin",
        "postal_code": "78701",
        "state": {
          "text": "Texas",
          "value": "TX"
        "street_line1": "320 E 6th St"
      "personal_phone": "5555555555"
  "realestate": {
    "total_num_properties": 1,
    "total_realestate_value": {
      "min": 1,
      "text": "$250K-$500K",
      "max": 8,
      "text_low": "$250K",
      "value": 2,
      "text_high": "$500K"
  "wealth": {
    "cash_on_hand": {
      "min": 1,
      "text": "$10K-$100K",
      "max": 4,
      "text_low": "$10K",
      "value": 2,
      "text_high": "$100K"
    "networth": {
      "min": 1,
      "text": "$100K-$500K",
      "max": 12,
      "text_low": "$100K",
      "value": 4,
      "text_high": "$500K"
    "total_income": {
      "min": 1,
      "text": "$50K-$100K",
      "max": 5,
      "text_low": "$50K",
      "value": 2,
      "text_high": "$100K"

A Simple,

The WE API is incredibly simple. The API is a RESTful API that returns JSON. There are only a few simple endpoints to know. View Sample Response


You can look up someone by: name and address, email address, or phone number.


Our developer dashboard makes it easy to manage your apps and track usage.


You can just sign up and play with our sandbox. The sandbox doesn't return real data, but it's the same as production in every other way.

By Developers,
For Developers.

The API you are currently checking out was painstakingly put together by engineers that love software development, use other APIs a ton, and know what makes APIs great.

We're committed to delivering you a simple, useful set of endpoints and documentation that enables you to build great products quickly and easily. If we aren't, we want to know.

Secure, Fast,
Reliable and Scalable

We built our platform from the ground up with security, reliability, performance and scalability in mind. All communication uses the latest security standards.

All of our endpoints deliver sub-second response times. Our infrastructure is fully redundant and leverages a modern cloud architecture supporting any scale.